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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Police Harrass New Democracy Group

The International Institute for Vietnam reported that on Saturday, May 27, 2006 attorney Nguyen Van Dai, writer Hoang Tien, professor Tran Khue, and Sir Hoang Minh Chinh gathered at Mr. Chinh's private residence where they were planning to declare that the Democratic Party of Vietnem (DPV) will be restored on June 1, 2006. During the meeting Mr. Dai was able to help Mr. Chinh draft the party's by-laws and the other men checked the document for any errors. As the meeting came to a close, police and security guards suddenly stormed into Mr. Chinh's residence, without his permission, and confiscated all of the party's documents. The police began to question Mr. Chinh about the documents and he admitted to drafting the document and told the police that he was the only man involved in creating the document. However, at the same time, police had confiscated Mr. Dai's computer, where they found a copy of the party's by-laws. The police asked Mr. Dai if having a copy of this document on his computer was legal or illegal and Mr. Dai replied that it was well within his constitutional and legal rights to have the document on his computer, but what the police have done to him, Mr. Khue, Tien, and Chinh are illegal.
Mr. Chinh, Khue, Tien, and Dai earnestly and urgently request the help and protection from the Embassies of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, and all of the EU's countries.
For Further information from the International Institute for Vietnam click here: http://vietforum.org/index.htm


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